Bitron UV Clarifiers

Bitron UV Clarifiers | UV Lighting Algae Control

Bitron UV Clarifiers

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Starts at: $394.99

Brand: OASE

SKU: OAS56936

The newest revolution among UV-Clarifiers with the highest level of efficiency, thanks to an even longer water dwell time (time in which the water is in contact with UV Light). Irradiation times are regulated automatically and thus energy costs are reduced by as much as 50%! The clever cleaning automation ensures permanent, intensive UV irradiation from 120 240 W.

The Bitron C becomes one of the most efficient UVC reactors in controlling algae and bacteria, through a combination of strong features, such as irradiation capacity, water dwell time and thorough mixing. All these features together make the powerful innovation perfect.

Bitron C 55 Watt -  For ponds up to 18,000 gallons.

Bitron C 110 Watts - For ponds up to 


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