Matterhorn Fountain Kits - 3 Sizes GFRC Faux Rock

Matterhorn Fountain Kits - 3 Sizes | Bubbling Rock Fountains

Matterhorn Fountain Kits - 3 Sizes
GFRC Faux Rock

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Starts at: $809.99

Brand: Blue Thumb

SKU: LA3125K

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete is a lightweight, durable material that can be cast into nearly unlimited shapes, colors and textures making it a great material for our bubbling boulders.

Like the soaring mountains of Europe, these fountains provide a rugged and tranquil beauty to any landscape setting. The natural beauty of real rock with the added durability and lighter weight of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. Colors available in Dapple Gray and Chestnut.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Small Rock: 8" x 13" x 18" high
Medium Rock: 17" x 15" x 24" high
Large Rock: 19" x 16" x 28" high
Basin Dimensions: 48" diameter x 16" high
Includes: 48" Achelous AquaBox Basin, Basin Splash Apron, 800 gph and 1300 gph Mag-Drive pumps, flow control valve, plumbing & tubing, 240 lbs polished pebbles


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