Koi Kichi Biological Bead Filter
Featuring KALDNES Filter Media

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Starts at: $480.75

Brand: Koi Kichi


  • Comes assembled with bio-bead media specifically designed for ponds
  • Easy to Install and operate 
  • Self Cleaning Backwash feature
  • Simple and Quick
  • Helps Reduce Solids
  • Quick connect fittings on all connection
  • Featuring KALDNES Filter Media
  • Two Year Warranty!
  • Available with 1 1/2" outlet if requested


  • Pressure gauge to indicate when to backwash 1 screened
  • Drain for winterizing

Recommended gph for each Model:

KKPVBF2000 - 1,000-2,500 gph 

KKPVBF4000- 2,000-4,500 gph

KKPVBF6000- 3,000-7,500 gph

KKPVB8000- 4,500-10,000 gph

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet


Image 1.0 stars out of 5
Backwash never flush out dirty

Bought this one try almost a year but not working good.

Reviewed Tue, Dec 14 2021 3:17 pm by

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