Standard & Large Classic Skimmer Mat (18" x 15" x 2")

Standard & Large Classic Skimmer Mat (18

Standard & Large Classic Skimmer Mat (18" x 15" x 2")

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Starts at: $35.99

Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 29073

Mat Dimensions - 18" x 15" x 2" 

This is the mat for the Classic Series Skimmer which is the Skimmer Box that is 16" x 20" and has a debris net with two metal rods - one straight roid that goes across the back and one U-shaped rod that snaps around the opening.

The filter mats are a nonwoven product webbed from polyester or nylon/polyester fiber blends. 

They are sprayed and/or dipped with a cross-linking binder system for strength. 

Manufacturing tolerances listed here are general guidelines. 

Some material may slightly exceed these dimensions due to normal variations in the manufacturing process. 

 Note: The Grande Skimmer does not have a filter mat.

Thickness: 50mm ( = + or 6mm)

Thickness- inches: 2 ( - or in)

Weight/Oz. Per sq. yd.: 38 ( - or 10%)

Fiber Type: Polyester

Binder Application: Spray

Abrasive Application: None

% Abrasive Content: 0

Color: White/Off White

Primary Usage: Filter Material


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