Pond-Vive Bacteria X

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Brand: EasyPro


The natural, biological way to revive your pond.

Pond-Vive is a proprietary blend of enzymes and beneficial bacteria formulated to help improve water quality and reduce sludge in ponds, lakes and other water bodies. 

By consuming and breaking down waste in the pond, Pond-Vive bacteria reduce the nutrient load of a pond to help keep it in balance and improve overall water quality. 

When used in conjunction with aeration Pond-Vive works with nature to provide clean, clear water and reduce reliance on pond chemicals.

  • Reduce sludge buildup and eliminate pond odors I
  • Improve water clarity and reduce oxygen demand 
  • Eliminate excess nutrients • Concentration level of five billion colony forming units per gram 
  • Enzymes - four strains which break down waste into an easier digestible form for the bacteria — speeds up the process! 
  • Easy to use eight ounce water soluble packets or loose powder • Reduces ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate 
  • Barley straw additive
  • Cold weather bacteria strains, for results in temperatures as low as 38ºF

Dosage Rates:

For best results Pond-Vive should be added every two weeks when water temperatures are above 55ºF (can be added at colder temperatures but results will be diminished). The amount needed depends on the condition of the pond. 

Newer ponds with little "muck": Apply 4 lbs. per surface acre/2 weeks

Older ponds with high levels of “muck”: Apply 6 lbs. per surface acre/2 weeks


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