GreenClean Pro - 50 lb Bag Ships HazMat

GreenClean Pro - 50 lb Bag | Water Treatments

GreenClean Pro - 50 lb Bag
Ships HazMat

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Brand: GreenClean


GreenCleanPRO controls many types of algae on contact through a sustainable, yet powerful oxidation process that leaves behind no residual pesticides, only oxygen and water as a by-product. 

GreenCleanPRO is an alternative to copper-based algaecides and can be used as a preventative, curative, or spot treatment. Concentrated twice the active ingredient as regular GreenClean! 

  • For use in ponds 1/4 acre or larger due to concentrated formula
  • Effective against planktonic and filamentous algae
  • GreenCleanPRO is effective in all pH ranges
  • GreenCleanPRO does not bio-accumulate and has no use restrictions
  • Use approximately 16-50 pounds per acre-foot as a preventative every two to four weeks
  • One bag treats up to 34 acre-feet
  • Active ingredient is 85% Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate
  • Always read and follow label directions
  • No shipment to MA & Canada


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