Uno, Duo, Trio Submersible Pond Pump/Filter Kits- NO UV

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Brand: Lifegard Aquatics


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Part #: LIF424T


Part #: LIF78


LIFEGARD® submersible pond, water garden or fountain filters combine mechanical and biological filtration to remove pollutants from water. 

The long lasting 2-stage Mechanical sponge filters are easily cleaned while the Biological media is safely contained inside sturdy material. 

Available in single, double or triple modules for use in small, medium or large bodies of water. 

Pond Filters for use with any make pump.

Include Mechanical and Biological Filtration Modules, 360 degree Rotating Outlet, 3' of 1" Kink Resistant Hose and Suction from Side to reduce clogging.

Each KIT includes a Quiet One Pump and Mechanical and Biological Filtration Module, 360 degree Rotating Outlet, 1" Kink Resistant Hose and Suction from Side to reduce clogging.

All 3 are 17" x 15" -- height differences:
Uno is 8" tall
Duo is 10.5" tall
Trio is 12.5" tall

Lif411T: UNO filter

Single Module for ponds up to 1000 gallons.

Lif412T: DUO filter
Double Module for ponds up to 1700 gallons.

Lif413T: TRIO filter
Triple module for ponds up to 2500 gallons.

Lif421T: UNO filter/pump kit
Kit features Quiet One 2200 pump (LIF04 - 990gph) and appropriate kink-free tubing.

Lif422T: DUO filter/pump kit
Kit features Quiet One 3000 pump (LIF05 - 1330gph) and appropriate kink-free tubing

Lif423T: TRIO filter/pump kit
Kit features Quiet One 4000 (LIF06 - 1500 gph) pump and appropriate kink-free tubing.

Also Avaliable:
Lif424: Add-On Cartridge


Uno, Duo, Trio Filter/Pump Kits
Part No.ModelPumpVoltagePond Size
R440021UNO KITQ1 2200115V / 50HzUp to 1000 Gallons
R440022DUO KITQ1 3000115V / 50HzUp to 1700 Gallons
R440023TRIO KITQ1 4000115V / 50HzUp to 2500 Gallons

The UNO, DUO, TRIO filters are for ponds offering both mechanical and biological functions. They may be used with all pond pumps, greatly reducing maintenance times and considerably improving the water quality thanks to the action of the aerobic bacteria that are formed inside them, which are responsible for the nitrogen cycle. (Fig. 1).

All 3 are 17" x 15" -- height differences:
Uno is 8" tall
Duo is 10.5" tall
Trio is 12.5" tall


After having connected the couplings (Fig. 2) and fitted the 1” flexible hose (supplied) to the pump, position the UNO/DUO/TRIO filter near the side of the pond or in an easily accessible location (Fig. 3), and place the pump where you want the fountain spray.

ATTENTION! The FILTER must be completely submerged in water so as to avoid the intake of air which could cause problems in the priming of the pump.

Before starting the pump, ensure that the pipe connecting it to the FILTER is completely full of water. Any air bubbles may prevent correct priming of the pump.

You can now start the pump-filter system.


Lift the handle and turn it from right to left as indicated by the arrow on the top of the cover (Fig. 4).

Then separate the top part (leaving the coupling connected to the hose) from the filtering part at the bottom.

Now you can remove the modules and clean the sponges.

Lift the individual modules and separate the blue sponge inside them.

Wash it thoroughly using only clean water, without adding any detergents.

Repeat the operation for the white sponge (in the basket).

Before cleaning the white sponge, it is recommended to squeeze it into a bucket to collect the water that it contains, rich in aerobic bacteria which are responsible for biological filtration.

Let the dirt at the bottom of the container settle for a few minutes, then put the water back in the pond.

We recommend cleaning the white sponge on average once every two washes of the external blue sponge.

For correct filter operation we recommend changing the sponges at least once a year.

The white sponge may be replaced with other types of biological media if desired.

If it becomes necessary to keep the filter submerged, stones or weights can be inserted above the white sponge or on top of the filter.

To reassemble the FILTER, perform the above operations in reverse order.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet


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