Calais Sheer Falls Stainless Steel Waterfall Weir
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Fantastic water sound!

The Calais Collection is great for aeration and can be used indoors or out and installed in many different locations. 

Create stunning water blades with Sheer Falls Clear Water Descent stainless steel waterfall weirs.

Ideal for more formal installations.

Provides increased aeration and fantastic water sound. 

Now available with "Dual Entry" with BOTH Bottom 1" FPT Inlet and  Back 1" FPT Inlet

*Not for use with chlorinated water or swimming pools

Width Recommended gph Part# Inlet Ports

11.81"        400 - 800 gph    SEG2015D  One 1" FPT Rear and Bottom Inlet 

23.62"      1000 - 1600 gph  SEG2025D  One 1" FPT Rear and Bottom Inlet 

35.43"      1200 - 2200 gph  SEG2035D  One 1" FPT  Rear and Bottom Inlets 

47.24"      2000 - 3000 gph  SEG2045  Three 1" FPT  (Only has Rear Inlets)

59.06"      3000 - 5000 gph  SEG2055  Three 1" FPT (Only has Rear Inlets) 




Water Depth


Metal Weir

Water Depth

12" or more

Stone Weir


per foot

of Weir






















The Lip (Ledge) is 5/8" thick

The Intakes are 1" Female threads that protrude out 1.5"

Key Features:

  • 1" FPT Inlet
  • Rear entry port(s)
  • Stainless steel
  • Top quality, heavy-duty construction
  • Fantastic water sound
  • Good for pond aeration
  • Can be used indoors or out 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • For a clear sheet of water, keep the waterfall height limited to about 3 ft. above the pond water level - higher falls will cause the sheet to break up and the waterfall to taper near the bottom
  • White, Blue and Color-changing Lights Available - Lights face forward

Helpful Hint from Supplier on Construction:

The Sheer Falls would be mounted above water level, so most likely well above the Firestone liner. Most Sheer Falls are installed when wall is being constructed. If the above ground pond is 24" deep, then Sheer Falls would be approx18" to 36" above the water level, depending how wide the Sheer Falls the customer installs. The more narrow the falls, the shorter distance water will fall in the perfect sheet that most desire. The customer would need to have a pump installed in pond with tubing from the pump going through the wall somehow and up to the rear of Sheer Falls. The water then cascades back in the pond. If customer wants to provide a drawing, we could be more specific. But not all concrete blocks are the same. He would have to be able to improvise in the real world to mount in blocks. Most likely, he would have to do some cutting of the blocks to make it work.

The depth of the water is not important. But having enough water volume would be important. You would not want to  turn pump on and drain all the water out of the reservoir. Volume is more important than depth. Some people have water fall on decorative stone and not fall on standing water. This would be like a pondless waterfall. The pump recommendation is listed with each falls.

The lip extends out 2" from reservoir on the SEG2035. When water is pumped through this unit at the recommended gph, the water fall extends possible 1" further away from wall. Remind the customer that putting in a  larger pump will not cause water to extend out further from wall. It just will bubble in reservoir and cause the sheet of water to not look like a sheet of water. 

Image below shows Intake in the back of the unit:

Image below shows the new units which have Intakes below and to the back of the unit (Please specify that you would like the new unit):

This is showing light bar mounted on the new style of Sheer Falls which have the Dual Inlets. Bar is much more out in the open than the old way of mounting

This is top view of a light bar in new style Sheer Falls.

Top Plate - Bottom View - TCP11 Sold Separately

Top Plate - Top View - TCP11 Sold Separately


Question: How do I install the top plate on top of the falls if I want to use Cinder blocks above the falls?

Answer: Please note that NONE of the Calais units are load bearing nor intended to be in a load bearing situation.  The installation processes are numerous & only limited by the creativity of the installer itself.  One common method of installation is by notching into the wall material (stone or concrete blocks) to accommodate a load bearing lintel (steel grade L brackets) so that the units can still reside free from any weight.

Although the diagram below is for the acrylic sheer falls, this applies to all of the weirs in our Calais collection. 


Customer Question: Does the lip need to stick out or can it be fit flush?

Supplier's Answer: It can be flush, but the water may fall too close to wall. The wall can "pull" water toward the wall if not falling far enough away from wall.r enough away from wall.

Customer Question: What is the maximum height it can be installed without the pattern breaking up?

Supplier's Answer: The rule of thumb is that water should fall in a sheet approximately the width of falls. 24" falls 24", 36" fall 36" and so forth.

Customer Question:

Can I pump water through a Bead Filter and then through this Sheerfalls?

Supplier's Answer:

I would not recommend this set up: pump - filter - Sheer Falls. If they want the beautiful falls that the Sheer Falls creates, then it should have a dedicated pump. Any thing that can change the flow to falls, like a dirty filter, the Sheer Falls flow will be reduced and will not look good at all. There would not be reason to pay the $$ for Sheer Falls and not have beautiful sheet of water. By the way, both acrylic and SS falls are effected the same. Once flow is found using a ball valve, then that flow needs to be maintained.


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