Loki Koi Kradle

* Loki Nets have been made in the USA since 1965. 

* Exceptional quality, durability, and trouble-free functionality.

* Made from 100% nylon under strict quality control conditions.
* Monorail System: The original mesh-guard system, Loki's unique Monorail aluminum prevents netting abrasions. Netting is encased in the bow, creating a natural guard and attractive appearance.

* 100% U.S.-Made Knotless Netting: Reduces abrasion to fish, more durable, and absorbs preservative treatments.

* Tangle-Less Nets: Features the small mesh knotless netting that is coated (along with the hoop) in special super-strength preservative. Net has more body and greatly reduces tangling. Lasts years longer than ordinary nets.

* Round Stainless Steel Screw: Round screws are used because they have no sharp edges like the square or hex-shaped ones.

* Handles: Fiberglass, aluminum, and wooden handles are options.

LOK39 - measures 36" long Soft, knotless netting. Can be used to gently lift Koi.
Image Loki Koi Kradle

Image 2 Loki Koi Kradle

Image 3 Loki Koi Kradle

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