Supreme Hy-Drive Pumps by Pondmaster

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Brand: PondMaster

SKU: SUP02582

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Hy-Drive Pumps are ideal for Freshwater Aquariums. The rugged 316 Stainless Steel Rotor is corrosion and water resistant assuring long-lasting performance in your Aquarium.

  • Powerful, Efficient Hybrid Magnetic/Direct Drive Motor
  • Energy-Efficient to Reduce Operating Cost
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Specifically Designed for Freshwater Aquariums
  • Fish-Safe Because No Oil is Used
  • Continuous Duty Operation
  • Integrated Filter Screen for Clog-Resistant Operation
  • 20’ Power Cord with Grounded Plug
  • In-line and Submersible Operation
  • Convenient Base Plate Included
  • 1600, 2100 and 2600 - 1” Female Threaded Inlet, Male Threaded Outlet
  • 3200, 4000 and 4800 - 1.5” Female Threaded Inlet, Male Threaded Outlet
  • 6000 - 2” Female Threaded Inlet, Male Threaded Outlet
  • Maximum water temperature for use: 35°C/95F
  • Volts: 120 / 60Hz
  • 3-Year Warranty
Item # Max Flow
02583 1600 GPH
02582 2100 GPH
02581 2600 GPH
02580 3200 GPH
02575 4000 GPH
02570 4800 GPH
02572 6000 GPH

Care and Operating Instructions

Operation Precautions
Never run pump dry. Only use this pump with clean water. It is not intended to move water containing large non-dissolved solids. Never use pump for liquids other than water. Never remove the plug or shorten the power cord. Keep the connectors (plug and socket) dry. The pump is not suitable for swimming pools, swimming ponds and other situations where persons could make bodily contact with water.

Operation Instructions

  • Attach hoses using Teflon® tape on fittings. This will aid in future disassembly.
  • Make certain that all electrical connections have a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) installed.
  • If pump is to be installed submerged, use a separate pump bag or skimmer to help protect the intake from large debris getting drawn into the impeller. To avoid pulling air into the pump, the pump should be submerged at least 6 inches below the water surface.
  • If pump is used inline, place it a minimum of 6 inches below water line otherwise it will be necessary to prime it. A separate inline check valve is strongly recommended to prevent loss of prime if power is interrupted.

Maintenance & Cleaning
This pump does not require any lubrication or special maintenance. Periodically cleaning the impeller will maintain pump performance and extend pump life.

  1. Completely disconnect pump from power supply.
  2. Remove hoses and bring pump to clear work area.
  3. Pull off intake strainer and strainer adapter.
  4. Remove screws to detach impeller housing. Be careful not to lose nuts in motor housing recesses.
  5. Pull the impeller out from the chamber.
  6. Clean impeller with freshwater only, never any solvents.
  7. Reverse steps to reassemble. If rubber seal detaches, press it back into the track on the motor housing. Pay careful attention to align openings on the Impeller Assembly Plate with Molded Pegs on motor housing.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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