Pre-Formed Pond by Laguna 51" x 34" x 17.5" and 70" x 47" x 24" - FREE SHIPPING!

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Pre-Formed Pond by Laguna
51" x 34" x 17.5" and 70" x 47" x 24" - FREE SHIPPING!

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Brand: Laguna

SKU: PT795

Build a pond or pondless water feature using these sturdy injection molded tub.

Laguna Water Basins provide the all-important foundation for your water garden. 

Water basins are generally easier to install than lined, in-ground ponds since their shape and depth are pre-determined. 

All you need to do is excavate an appropriately-sized hole. Made of rigid, heavy-duty polyethylene construction, the injection-molded water basins are designed to withstand all kinds of extreme conditions, including heavy water loads, hot summers, and frigid winters, and are guaranteed to resist cracking, peeling, and fading for ten years. 

They are safe for fish and aquatic plants.

Additional holes can be drilled in these Ponds.


Dimensions: 51" x 34" x 17.5" (30.5" wide to edge of lip and Lip is 1.5" Wide)

130 cm x 80 cm x 46 cm

Hole Size: Can fit 1.25" Tubing through hole

Volume: 127 U.S. GAL (410 L)

Has hole near the top


Dimensions: 70" x 47" x 24

Outside to outside measurement at top of basin: 68.5" x 46.25"

Just below the lip: 64" x 42" (the lip is approx 4" tall)

Height: 22"There is some taper from the bottom of lip to the bottom of the basin.

180 x 120 x 60 cm

Volume:250 U.S. GAL

No Hole

These are over-sized and must be TRUCK-SHIPPED.

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