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Utility Tubs
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Easily used for plant displays
Growing marginal plants
External plant filters
Quarantine tanks
Pond clean outs 



Available in 3 types:  

LUT100 - Large utility tub - 43" x 18"  144 gallons

OUT30 - Octagonal utility tub - 35" x 35" x 12" 

BUT50 - Bathtub utility tub - 42" x 26" x 15" 

 *All tubs are shipped truck freight*


 Are these ok in Cold Weather? Will they freeze/crack? 

Answer from Supplier: 

They can be exposed to freezing temps and customer should be okay. But there is not a warranty against cracking. It is made of the same material that preformed ponds are made from. There are thousands of this type of pond installed in North America. There has not been any problem that I have heard about cracking in winter. Best to keep water in the basin if installed in ground during winter.


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