Real Clear Bio-Clarifier (Liquid) by Aquatic BioScience

Pond Water Treatment | Real Clear Bio-Clarifier (Liquid)

Real Clear Bio-Clarifier (Liquid) by Aquatic BioScience

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Brand: Real Clear


Improves water clarity in water gardens and backyard ponds

Seeds filter with billions of beneficial microorganisms

Speeds acclimation process for new pond biological filters

Reduces muck, odors and sludge accumulation

Safe, effective and easy to use

Won’t harm plants or fish

Real Clear® Bio-Clarifier is a natural product manufactured to reduce ammonia, waste products and nutrients commonly found in ornamental ponds.

Safe for all fish and plants, it reduces sludge and unpleasant odors creating a safe and healthy aquatic environment.

Regular applications of Real Clear® Bio-Clarifier will make your pond look real clear.

Available in 16oz. and gallon sizes.

1 oz. of product treats 350 gallons of water
16 oz. bottle treats 5,600 gallons

For optimal results, maintain these important pond parameters:
·pH 6.5-8.2
·temperature 60˚F (15˚C) minimum
·dissolved oxygen 3 p.p.m.(3mg/l) minimum

Shelf life: 2 years

Store at room temperature.

ABBCL - Real Clear Bio-Clarifier 16oz.
ABBCG - Real Clear Bio-Clarifier Gal.


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