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Real Clear CW by Aquatic BioScience

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*** New Cold Water Formula ***

Formulated for water temperatures below 60°F

Cleans up excessive aquatic debris

Reduces pond water maintenance

Removes ammonia and reduces sludge through nitrification

Improves filter performance by increasing bacteria colonies

Won't harm fish or plants

Use Real Clear® CW™ as a cold water biological treatment to prepare pond for winter and as a regular winter time additive for maintaining pond water conditions.

Much like Real Clear® AK™ and/or Real Clear® Bio-Clarifier™, use Real Clear® CW™ to control excessive aquatic debris and for maintaining effective biological filter performance during periods affected by low temperatures.

Real Clear® CW™ is manufactured to battle tough pond problems for a clean and healthy aquatic environment for the entire pond population.

It also reduces sludge during the cold season and prepares the pond for the following year by maintaining abundant beneficial aerobic and anaerobic bacteria throughout the entire pond.

Use as a winter prep product for ponds that develop ice or for regular cold water maintenance in more moderate climates.

Follow use instructions for best results.
For extremely bad conditions, increase frequency of dosage to 2X’s (example: Sunday and Thursday) each week for the first week or two, then return to the recommended once per week dosage. When water temperatures rise above 60°F use either Real Clear® AK™ or Real Clear® Bio-Clarifier™ for ongoing maintenance.

Available in 16 oz. and half gallon sizes.

Use 1 oz. per 250 gals. water
Repeat weekly or as a winter prep for ponds that develop ice
Shake well before each use

Shelf life: 2 years

Store at room temperature

Safe for all fish and plants

ABRCCW16 - Real Clear CW 16oz.
ABRCCW64 - Real Clear CW 64oz.


Real Clear® CW™ is a cold water biological treatment for ponds.

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