PL Gel Bacteria by Microbe-Lift

PL Gel Bacteria by Microbe-Lift | Bacteria/Enzymes

PL Gel Bacteria by Microbe-Lift

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Brand: Microbe-Lift


Convenient, easy-to-use, flip-top squeeze bottle. Quickly attaches to and populates any filter media including foam, strapping, floss, bio-balls, ceramic media, etc. educes filter start-up time by 80%.
The FIRST PRODUCT to put bacteria right where you want it to be - and it STAYS there.

Filter Pad Bacterial Inoculant

This will help to rapidly establish the necessary biological activity in your filter to stabilize your pond's environment quickly. 

It will also help restore this activity to your filter when you clean or change the media in your filter. 

For Maximum Shelf Life, Store In A Cool Place

  • Easily applies to the filter pads/media without running or getting messy
  • Contains the same spectrum of bacteria found in MICROBE-LIFT/PL
  • Contains naturally occurring biopolymers, helping organisms quickly attach to the media allowing for an 80% reduction in filter start-up time
  • Helps to stabilize pond environment quickly upon startup and to eliminate transient instability that can occur when filter media is cleaned or replaced
  • Allows for more frequent cleaning of filters without subsequent instability if a pond has a high solids loading where frequent cleaning is beneficial
  • Reduces the frequency of cleaning by accelerating the breakdown of organic solids that can lead to high maintenance requirements
  • Helps to establish denitrification in the filter which can lower nitrate levels in the pond

Available in 3 sizes:
EML082-8 oz.


EML084-32 oz.


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