Pond Maintenance Kits by PondBuilder

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Starts at: $55.99

Brand: PondBuilder

SKU: PB2422

The Pond Maintenance Kits end the guesswork in creating and maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Everything you need to keep your water clean & clear is included. Featuring four of our most popular treatments, everything needed to maintain your pond for a full season is included. Each kit includes a 4 color brochure on exact treatment instructions & suggested maintenance tips.

Quick Overview:

PB2422: Pond Maintenance #1: Treats a 1,000 gallon pond for a full season

  • 8 oz Pond Cleaner Dry
  • 8 oz Muck Buster
  • 8 oz Aqua Fix Dry
  • 8 oz Purify Dry

PB2439: Pond Maintenance #2: Treats a 3,000 gallon pond for a full season

  • 2 lb Pond Cleaner Dry
  • 2.5 lb Muck Buster
  • 2 lb Aqua Fix Dry
  • 8 0z Purify Dry

PB2446: Pond Maintenance #3: Treats a 5,000 gallon pond for a full season

  • 6 lb Pond Cleaner Dry
  • 6 lb Muck Buster
  • 10 lb Aqua Fix Dry
  • 8 0z Purify Dry

4 Steps to a Clean & Healthy Pond:

1. Pond Cleaner Dry - Pond Clarifier: A healthy ecosystem in a jar. Seeds you biological filter and pond making the pond water crystal clear and healthy for koi & goldfish.

2. Muck Buster - Muck Reducer: Accelerates the decomposition of organic matter caused from rotting leaves, algae, and fish waste. A must for ponds constructed with rocks and gravel that are difficult to vacuum.

3. Aqua Fix Dry - Pond Cleaner: Use to simply "lift" debris from waterfalls, streams, rocks and anywhere debris occurs.

4. Purify Dry - Dechlorinator: Removes harmful chlorine and chloramines from your

water supply, which are harmful to fish and plants.


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