Pond Zinger

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Pond Zinger

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Brand: Applied Polymer Systems


Pond ZingerŪ is an environmentally friendly way to turn dirty ponds clean. Pond Zinger is easy to install, safe for fish and requires no monitoring. Simply install the Pond ZingerŪ in your pond and watch the water turn clean and clear.

Pond Zinger works like a magnet, binding together the excess phosphorus in a ponds thereby reducing the algae's food source. 

Pond Zinger can be installed on the steps of a waterfall, beneath a floating fountain, over an aerator or with any other mixing or circulation mechanism. No monitoring or testing is required. Safe for fish. 

APSPZINGER Pond Zinger treats 500-12,000 gallons

APSMIPLOG Mini Pond Log treats 20,000-100,000 gallons

APSPLOG  Pond Log treats 325,000-500,000 gallons

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