Prevent for Fountains/Pondless

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Prevent for Fountains/Pondless

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Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 96073

Aquascape pond and fountain water treatments are now available for use without the Automatic Dosing System, using convenient pump tops.

  • Prevents stains, scales, and unsightly water conditions. 
  • Safe for birds and animals.
  • Ideal for waterfalls
Bottle Size1 Pump Treats1 Bottle Treats
8 oz / 236 ml100 gal5000 gal
16 oz / 473 ml100 gal10,000 gal
32 oz / 946 ml100 gal20,000 gal
1 Gal / 3.78 L600 gal80,000 gal
  • Keeps fountains/Pondless looking clean and clear
  • Significantly reduces fountain maintenance
  • Clears and prevents debris and white-scale buildup
  • Prevents stains, foam, and other unsightly water conditions
  • Easy-to-use pump-top bottle treats 100 gallons per pump
  • 1 pump treats 100 gal
  • 1 bottle treats 5,000 gal

Aquascape Prevent for Fountains/Pondless prevents unsightly fountain conditions to keep fountains looking clean and clear while reducing maintenance. The treatment uses a special blend of clarifiers to clear and prevent debris and white-scale buildup in the water and on the surface of the fountain, rocks, or gravel. The formulation also works to prevent stains, foam, and other unsightly water conditions. The easy-to-use pump top accurately measures 100 gallons of treatment per pump and the 8 ounce bottle treats 5,000 gallons total. 

Prevent for Fountains/Pondless is safe for birds or animals that may drink from the fountain. 

Prevent for Fountains/Pondless is not safe for fountains containing fish.


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