Real Clear Dechlorinator (Liquid) by Aquatic BioScience

Real Clear Dechlorinator (Liquid) by Aquatic BioScience | De-Chlorination

Real Clear Dechlorinator (Liquid) by Aquatic BioScience

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Starts at: $16.99

Brand: Real Clear


Removes chlorine and chloramines

Won't harm plants or fish

Easy to apply

Safe and effective

Real Clear® Dechlorinator is manufactured to safely remove harmful chlorine and chloramines from pond water without harming plants or fish.

Chlorine and chloramines are added to many municipal water sources to protect humans.

These chemical additives are toxic to fish and can cause serious injury if not removed from the water supply.

For most effective treatment, treat water before introduction to pond.

Contact your local utility for more information on chemical additions to water supplies for your community.

Available in 8 oz., quart and gallon sizes

¼ oz. of product treats 160 U.S. gallons of water
8 oz. bottle treats 5.120 gallons

Shelf life: 3 years

Store at room temperature.

ABDL - Real Clear Dechlorinator 8oz.
ABDCQ - Real Clear Dechlorinator Qt.
ABDG - Real Clear Dechlorinator Gal.


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