Mongolian Basalt Columns Set of 3 Fountain Kit 24", 30", 36" Stone Columns

Mongolian Basalt Columns Set of 3 Fountain Kit | Basalt Fountains

Mongolian Basalt Columns Set of 3 Fountain Kit
24", 30", 36" Stone Columns

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Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 58089

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3 Basalt Column Kit with Basin/Pump/Plumbing

Kit Includes:

The Aquascape Mongolian Basalt Columns Set of 3 Landscape Fountain Kit bundles the perfect combination of products, providing a unique, easy-to-install kit that includes everything you need to create an impressive, recirculating, three-piece basalt fountain.

Three columns are included, measuring 24″, 30″, and 36″ in height. Each column is constructed of real Mongolian basalt. They are extremely durable and crafted to provide a one-of-a-kind stone water feature.

The included AquaBasin® 45 is a sub-surface water basin that is able to store up to 98 gallons of water, significantly minimizing maintenance. Constructed of professional-grade, high-density polyethylene and backed by a lifetime warranty, the basin will provide features and benefits that eliminate guesswork, improve water circulation, and increase accessibility.

An extremely energy-efficient Ultra Water Pump is included to circulate the water through the fountain, and the included pipe, foam sealant, and fittings make installation easier than ever.

Mongolian Basalt Columns are mined from the mountains found between Russia and China, and each piece is handcrafted from natural stone. Once mined and shaped, the columns are then drilled to create a stunning water feature.

No two columns are the same, providing each stone with unique qualities.

Since each piece is handcrafted from natural stone, some variations in size, color, weight, and texture may occur. Colors of items shown are in a "wet" state.

  • Mined, shaped, then drilled to make a stunning semi-formal water feature
  • Variation in size, color, weight and texture may occur since each piece is handcrafted from natural stone
  • Unit Weight 850 lbs

Customer Question:

I bought the natural top basalt fountain in July. I live in
Utah and am wondering if you could tell me how to winterize the fountain.

Aquascape Answer:

 If you live in a climate that experiences prolonged
freezing conditions then we recommend removing the pump from the basin. Place
the pump in a bucket of water if you have an “oil-and-seals” type pump and
store it in a place that will not freeze. If you have a mag-drive pump, just
clean and store.

Do not drain the basin during the winter months- allow
the water to freeze in the basin so that the ground doesn’t cause the basin to
rise or “pop up” from expansion of the freezing soil around it.

The Rock Columns are manufactured to
withstand freezing conditions and can be left outside during the winter months.
There is no need to cover the Rock Columns.

CraigD in Colorado just finished installing his Aquascape Basalt Kit #58089! Awesome!


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