SOL Color-Changing Lighting

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SOL Color-Changing Lighting

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Brand: Atlantic Water Gardens


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Part #: XAWG183


Part #: XAWG196


Atlanticís all new SOL Color Changing LED Lighting features solid brass bodies with an oil rubbed bronze finish that adds class to your application while reducing the heat emitted. 

2.5 and 7.5 watt Variable Compact bullet style perfect for fountains and waterfalls, these lights are a great way to enjoy your water feature. 

These LEDs create a vibrant nighttime atmosphere with 48 different colors and 16 different color changing combinations. 

Multiple LEDs can be connected to be run through one transformer and be controlled together, all by wireless remote.

Lights are sold separately.

A Color Changing Control Module must be purchased separately to control the lights. One Control Module can control up to 80 lights.

Any transformer may be used as long as it exceeds the total watts of the lights added together by 10%. A 24 Watt Transformer comes with the Color-changing Module.

The Color-changing Module comes with a 3 way Splitter so 3 lights can be connected. If more lights are desired, additional splitters are required.

Products Available

AWG181- Compact color changing LED Spot Light. 2.5 Watts; Includes: Light, Ground, Stake, Stand, and 20' power cord with quick connect plug. 2.5"L x 1-1/8" diameter approx 3" high with stand


  • Available in 48 Different Colors
  • Multiple LEDs can be connected
  • 16 Different Color Changing Combinations

Lights Include:

  • Color Changing LED Spotlight
  • 20' Power Cord with quick connect plug
  • Stand and ground stake. 

Question: : I am interested in lighting a pool water fall / grotto with a submersible bullet light that changes color. Would the Awg 181 be appropriate for this application? I would be using 3 lights, one to illuminate the top part of the waterfall and 2 lights to illuminate the inside of the grotto to be installed in the ceiling.  It will be ozonated pool water, light chlorine. Two lights will be installed in the ceiling of the grotto under and behind the waterfall the remaining light will be illuminating the smaller waterfall on the top of the grotto from the side I would say it would be semi-submerged. All lights installed in concrete faux rocks

Atlantic Watergardens Answer: It can be fully submerged in a pond type situation. However it is not UL listed for swimming pools if there will be people in the water. If this is the case then the answer is no.

Question: But will these hold up in chlorinated situations?

Atlantic Watergardens Answer: We have a test currently in progress. We have been soaking lights in a tank with a double dose of chlorine for six months and have not had problems yet. Eventually, the seal for lens will deteriorate, but the finish should hold up.

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