Spillway Bowl and Basin

Spillway Bowl - 78204

Spillway Bowl and Basin

Spillway Bowl - 78204

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Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 78204

Now Only: $479.98

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This Aquascape Spillway Bowl and Basin can be installed as a standalone disappearing water feature, or several spillway bowls can be linked together for an amazing display. The Spillway Bowls can also be used with the Aquascape Large AquaBasin.

  • Made from durable GFRC
  • Unique and beautiful patina finish
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • OK in Chlorinated Water
  • Silicon Plug in Bottom of Spillway Bowl to fit lighting wires through

Spillway Bowl - #78204

The Aquascape Spillway Bowl creates a beautiful spilling water feature that can be added to any pond or pool creating an instant waterfall

32" Diameter

Overall height -14 and the inner height - 11.5

Outside Diameter at bottom 12"

Spillway Basin - #78205

The Aquascape Spillway Basin is an ideal standalone overflowing water feature that will create a beautiful, tranquil focal point in almost any setting

40" Diameter

Overall height -16 and the inner height - 13

Spillway Bowl Stand (2-Pack) - #78206

The Aquascape Spillway Bowl Stand provides the ideal pedestal to showcase the Aquascape Spillway Basin or Spillway Bowl. Ideal when installing Spillway Bowls or Basins on a patio, deck or as a standalone water feature. This stand creates the ideal elevation between Spillway Bowls

Aquascape recommends the Ultra Pump 2000 #91010

Note: Must be Truck-Shipped


Can it this be left outside in the winter in Wisconsin?

Aquascape Answer:

If it must be left outside, I would turn it upside down and put a tarp over it.


I don't have quite enough room for the large AquaBasin (45x45x10) with the Spillway Bowl and Stand. Will the Small AquaBasin (30x30x10) work?

Aquascape Answer:

As long as it is falling directly back into the basin & not elevated more than 2 it will work.


I have the Spill-bowl Kit and want to add lights to the inside of each bowl for night time use. I was told to use the Up light, item # 84032. My question is will the wire run to the outside of the bowl via up the inside, over the lip of the bowl and out? Might ruin the beauty of the bowls. Maybe I'm missing something.

Aquascape Answer:

84032 can be used in the spillway bowl. There is a silicone plug on the bottom that you can thread the cord through.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet


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