Beneficial Bacteria Concentrate for Ponds - Dry

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Brand: Aquascape

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Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria Concentrate for Ponds is a dry water treatment that helps to provide clean, clear, and healthy water conditions, significantly reducing pond maintenance. 

Each container of Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria Concentrate is packed full of eight pure strains of concentrated beneficial bacteria and is completely safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife. 

Beneficial Bacteria will effectively reduce fish waste, organic plant material, sludge, and excess nutrients in your pond, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your water feature and less time maintaining it. 

The bacteria’s potency ensures consistently effective treatment, and the included marigold and vitamin B helps to bring out the natural colors of your fish while maintaining proper fish health.

  • 98925 - 4.4 oz treats 26,000 gal.
  • 98948 - 8.8 oz. treats 52,0000 gal.
  • 98949 - 1.1 lb treats 104,000 gal.
  • 98950 - 7 lbs treats 664,000 gal.

Instructions for use:

How Much: One scoop treats up 1000 gallons of pond water

 How Often: For new ponds or after winter, treat daily for the first 10 days. After the pond has matured use a maintenance dose of 1 scoop per 1000 gallons weekly.

How To: Add to the area in the pond with the most circulation or directly into the pond skimmer opening.

Why: Adding beneficial bacteria is one of the most important things you can do for your pond. Don't wait until you have a problem to treat the pond. Prevent problems before they happen with a simple weekly maintenance dose of Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria.

Customer Question:

We missed the delivery and our beneficial Bacteria - Dry sat out all night in sub-freezing weather. Will it be ok?

Aquascape Tech Answer:

Yes the dry bacteria is completely fine. It is in a stasis (much like dry yeast) and comes back to life when added to the water. The liquid is alive in a solution and is more vulnerable to temperature swings. This is also why the dry has a longer shelf life. Always store your bacteria products in a temperate area.

 Customer Question:

The scoop in the 1.1 lb Container looks different than the clear scoop that came in my old containers

Aquascape Products Answer:

Not sure why, unless he ordered a different size. The scoop size on the blue one is smaller than the one on the clear one. Unless he has the clear one and is comparing side by side, but if he doesn’t he may THINK that the clear one was smaller. Not sure. See attached picture, the one on the left is the one I sent him, the one on the right is the clear one. The 1.1 lb one comes with the longer handle based on the height of the container.

Please Note:

Water temperature should be a minimum of 50F or 10C

Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature.

Please Note: Aquascape water treatments have been reformulated and renamed:


New from Aquascape. Reformulated Aquaclearer Extreme Dry. Pond supplies from

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