AquaSurge Adjustable Flow Pumps
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Part #: 29705


The Aquascape AquaSurge® Adjustable Flow Pond Pumps are ideal for use in Ponds, Pondless® Waterfalls, and other water feature applications, allowing you to wireless adjust the flow of water. 

The included remote and receiver allows the user to customize the look and sound of their water feature at any time, turning the water flow up and down as well as on or off. 

 A variety of fittings is included for simple installation, including a rotational ball output which allows the discharge position to be easily adjusted.

Use the Pump Selection Guide  to find the right pump for your application, 

Two models: 

45009: Flow rates up to 3,947 GPH/ 14 941 LPH

45010: Flow rates up to 3,947 GPH/ 14 941 LPH

  • Submersible, adjustable flow pond and waterfall pump 
  • Energy-efficient, asynchronous motor design provides superior reliability
  • Includes Smart Control Receiver for quick and easy pump control using the Aquascape Smart Control App or on-board controls 
  • Ideal for use in ponds, Pondless® Waterfalls, and other water features
  • Backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty 
  • Asynchronous motor technology provides superior reliability and longevity
  • Durable pump housing is built to last and will not corrode or rust 
  • Threaded 1.5" outlet allows for quick and easy installation in a variety of applications 
  • Pump screen protects the pump by preventing debris from entering 
  • Rubber feet prevent noise and vibration while in use 
  • Included receiver provides controls for quick and easy on-board flow control 
  • Included receiver provides integrated control panel display current flow settings 
  • Included receiver provides durable, weather-resistant housing 
  • Aquascape Smart Control App allows for a variety of wireless control functions, including flow adjustment and customized scheduling 

Control Aquascape Water Features with Your Smartphone or Tablet 

The Aquascape Smart Control App makes it easy to connect and control devices on your smartphone or tablet. Providing a variety of wireless control functions, including flow adjustment and customized scheduling.

Included with Aquasurge Adjustable Flow Pumps 45009 and 45010 

Accessories included with pumps:  Pump Stand, Fittings, Smart Controller

PondMeister Note: To replace the original Remote and Receiver from an Aquascape Adjustable Flow pump purchased between 2013-2019 and have the ability to directly control your pump without internet access, you will need to order a Smart Control Receiver for Aquascape Adjustable Flow Pumps#45038 and an Universal Remote for Aquascape Adjustable Flow Pumps#45041 if you want a local handheld Remote.


For the Direct Remote, please note:

Question: I give up - What the heck is this part that came with my Aquasurge Pro Pump??? Micky Mouse Ears?

nswer: This is a Gasket that waterproofs the three-prong plug into the Receiver

Question: I had to zip-tie the cord to the transceiver because the connection was very loose. Would this signify a bad box? I am not comfortable zip-tie-ing the cord into the transceiver 

Answer: See "Mickey Mouse ears" piece above. The customer did not use the blue “Mickey Mouse” ears gasket or that they didn’t push it in far enough to fully insert.


Are all of the remotes on the same frequency?


No, each remote & receiver is paired up with one another, so if you bought just a remote it wouldn’t work with an existing receiver for example.


I want to hook my Aquasurge Pro 4000-8000 to a 3" Black Flexible pvc tube. How do I do it?

Aquascape Tech Answer: 

the easiest way is is the # 99144  2” slip x 1.5” mpt and then 29100 Conversion kit (it has #29752 3” x 2” slip x slip reducer and 29653 13.5” of 2” flex pvc.)


There is a small part that fit the opposite end of the armature shaft from the impeller. Mine is deteriorated somewhat. Can you help me identify this part number for the 4000-8000 pump? I would like to replace this part also when I replace the impeller kit

Aquascape Tech Answer:

The bearing on the inside of the pump is not replaceable. It has to be installed at the factory with an arbor press and it has be positioned properly so the rotor with he impellor spins properly. The pump does carry a three year warranty. Not sure how old it is? 


I want to extend the wire from the Transceiver to the pump for the 4000-8000 Pro. Can that be done and if so - how?

Aquascape Tech Answer:

You can splice an extension on the existing cable. Its 18AWG SJTW, it’s the cord from the pump that plugs into the receiver. The receiver only has a cord that plugs into an outlet, that one is 16AWG SJTW.

Note: You will need to order the AquaSurge Conversion Kit #29705 when converting Your Aquascape Pro (SFA) Pump 1500, 3000 or 4500 to AquaSurge the Aquasurge Pro 2000-4000 or Aquasurge Pro 4000-8000

PondMeister Tip: Do NOT place the little receiver that receives the signal from the Remote in the pond or too close to sprinkler heads. It IS designed for normal outdoor use.

45016 - AquaSurge PRO 2000-4000 Replacement Impeller Kit

45017 - AquaSurge PRO 4000-8000 Replacement Impeller Kit

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet

Use the AquaSurge Conversion Kit (Part#29705) to connect the 1.5" Female Threaded Outlet to either 2" or 1 1/2" Check Valve Assemblies.

The Kit contains the parts necessary to convert any AquaScape Pro pump to the AquaSurge Pump using your existing Check Valve Assembly and Aquascape Skimmer.

The kit includes two parts - one you will use and the other you will not need:

1 1/2" Male Thread x 2" Slip adapter for Classic Series Skimmers and Check Valves.
Cut through the2" pipe and cut off the 2" Male adapter between the Check Valve and the pump. Screw the 1.5" x 1.5" Female Adapter that comes with the pump on to the 1.5" Male Thread Outlet on the pump. Glue the 2" Slip x 1.5" Male Thread (#99144) that comes in the Conversion Kit (#29705) on to the end of the pipe you just sawed off and screw the 1.5" Male Thread onto the 1.5" Female thread.

- OR -

2" Aquascape Check Valve Adapter for Signature Series Skimmers and Check Valves.

Remove the Flanged part below the Check Valve with the 2" male Thread that screws into the pump and discard. Use part #29475 which comes in the Conversion Kit #29705. Insert the Flanged end into the bottom of the Check Valve Assembly and screw the other end - 1.5" Female onto the 1.5" Male stem of the pump.


Image 1.0 stars out of 5
Aquasurge 4000-8000 - Dead in the Water !

I bought an aquascape 4000-8000 from another retailer - but beware of this pump - the remote receiver unit didn't work. Better to get a simple plug-in pump ! I you're a contractor and under a schedule - test it before you install !

Response from the PondMeister:

Sorry you are having problems with your remote.

The only two issues that we have experienced with those remotes were mainly Operator errors.

  • 1.The first is misinterpreting the ”-/0 button” on the Transceiver. Many customers have thought that was an On/Off Switch when they are actually shown below as we have posted on our site. For the Remote to work, you must depress 0. If the Minus Sign is depressed the setting reverts to the last previous setting and the remote will not work.

Pump can be set at:

0 = Use Remote

- = Bypass Remote

2. The 2nd is not fully inserting the “Micky Mouse Ears” plugs into the transceiver as explained below:

Please view the pictures on our site..... When fully inserted you cannot read any of the numbers on the top of the cord. On the bottom of the cord when fully inserted you can read half of the letters of transworld. It inserts a FULL inch. You can clearly see in his first picture of the bottom of the plug that the plug is not fully inserted AND the blue gasket is bent out of place. I have also attached a picture of what it looks like from bottom fully can see blue border all the way around.

We have sold hundreds of these pumps and have had very few issues with the remotes. Whenever we have had a customer report an issue, it is usually either one or the other of the two issues above.

That being said, what issues have you been having?

Reviewed Sun, Jul 31 2016 8:35 pm by
Energy efficient performance, remote-controlled adjustability and ease of maintenance make this pump ideal for use in skimmer and falls filter systems and Pondless® Waterfall Vaults.

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