Bamboo Fountain Basalt Set

Bamboo Fountain Basalt Set | Easy Pro Tranquil Fountains

Bamboo Fountain Basalt Set

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Brand: EasyPro


Blending the classic tranquility of a bamboo fountain with a stately basalt stone

Basalt features

Taller basalt is core drilled with 11/4" (32 mm) hole at the bottom and connects to side hole for bamboo attachment. Water cascades from bamboo spout to lower basalt stone which overflows to basin below. 

HBB39K Complete kit includes:

  • 39" Pillar basalt approximately 8"-10" diameter
  • 8"-10" tall lower stone approximately 12"-15" diameter
  • Faux bamboo spout for increased longevity and consistence of construction
  • FBL48 basin with support block
  • MP230 pump
  • Plumbing kit 


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