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Newest IonGen Video


The IonGen makes its reappearance in this new video highlighting its features. Watch as Dave Kelly, The Tech Guy, re-introduces you to our popular IonGen water clarifier.  

We are not allowed to say that it eliminates String Algae and many other types of algae in your pond so we won’t …. but I am allowed to say that after several years of living with a blanket of string algae  in my 6,000 gallon pond in sunny Southern California that I “harvested ” weekly – it is COMPLETELY gone! I have not had to use EcoBlast, Green Clean or AlgaeFix since 9/6/09 when I installed mine. Yesssss!!!!

Check out the IonGen with Free Shipping at http://www.thepondoutlet.com/home/tpo/page_3647

date Posted on: Friday, January 28th, 2011 at 12:39 pm
Category Pond Products.
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