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Who is killing my fish! BirdCam 2.0 is the Final Answer!



Ever wonder where your fish went? Finally a tool to determine the culprit – Raccoons, Blue Herons, Otters, Hawks….????   

I get so many calls from ponders who are losing fish and cannot figure out which predator is nailing them. Raccoons can wade into gently sloping ponds. Blue Herons can fly in and play “Sushi Bar”. Hawks can swoop in and even otters have been known to wreak havoc. If you knew the culprit, then you can formulate a plan of attack.   

Did you ever wish that you had some way of documenting any movement around the pond – Bears, Deer, neighborhood kids, etc? No more doing like my partner did in exasperation after being picked almost clean by predators in the early a.m. His solution was an early morning stake-out lying under his picnic table locked-and-loaded.   

A new product – BirdCam 2.0 with Flash from Wingscapes –  is going to be available around April 10th that we will be selling for an introductory price of $167.99   

The highest performance BirdCam on the market.
A powerful combination of Wingscapes’ ease-of-use and advanced features:
• 8-megapixel, high-resolution BirdCam
• Motion-activated detects birds while you are away
• Laser aim and fully weatherproof
• Photos & Videos with Sound
• EASY (no tools, no wires, no software)
• Smart-sensor technology and fast trigger minimizes empty shots.
• FLASH for Nighttime photos!
• Timelapse mode records plants or feeders through glass windows


BirdCam 2.0 With Flash

date Posted on: Monday, March 1st, 2010 at 7:49 pm
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One Response to “Who is killing my fish! BirdCam 2.0 is the Final Answer!”

  1. Sandi

    Get rid of all those creaters by putting up an electric fence it truly work I have Racoon and blue herring not any more!!!

    March 8th, 2010 at 9:08 am