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Pond Winterizing Tips and Tools


We can no longer deny that winter is upon us!  It’s time for winter maintenance to protect and improve your garden pond. We have lots of good information and all the best products for pond winterization.

We are big fans of the helpful videos from Aquascape. All you need to know about winter maintenance is covered in this new video, How to Winterize Your Pond.

We are making winter pond chores easier with our complete Pond Winterization Kits. Here are some tips for proper maintenance:

Fish: Ponds that contain fish have to be readied for the winter before the water temperature falls below 50 degrees F. At this point, fish are unable to digest high protein fish foods. Switch to a low protein/ high fiber food like Ultra Balance Wheat Germ Koi Food.

Plants: Cut back all aquatic plants leaving tender new shoots intact. Move all hardy water lilies and lotus to the deeper section of the pond. Store tropical water lilies inside. Remove all water hyacinths and lettuce and discard.

Pumps: Clean your filters and store any pumps or equipment you won’t use during the winter. To shut your pond down, first unplug your pump and pull it out of the water. The pump should be stored in a frost-free location and submerged in a bucket of water to keep the seals from drying out.

De Icing & Aeration:
To safely keep fish in your pond throughout the winter you must keep a hole in the ice. A build up of gas under the ice can be very toxic to fish. This gas needs a way to escape. Never break the ice that forms on your pond as that could harm your fish. Using an aerator will prevent icing over in the coldest weather. See all de-icers and aeration pumps.

Enjoy your holidays!

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