Matala Gravel Vacuum Head for Matala Pond Vacs

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Matala Gravel Vacuum Head
for Matala Pond Vacs

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  •  The Matala Gravel Vacuum Head is designed to clean gravel bottom ponds.
  • Suitable gravel sizes are between 3/8” to 1” size.
  • The gravel vacuum head can be used to clean the surface of the rock or it can be pushed into gravel up to 2 inches deep for a deeper cleaning.
  • The universal adapter allows the Gravel Head attachment to work with most pond vacuums on the market.It is ideally suited for the Power Cyclone.
  • Performance will vary due to the power of the individual vacuum.

Proper Use of Matala Gravel Vacuum Head

Effectiveness of the gravel cleaning will depend on several factors:

-Type of surface debris

The vacuum head is designed to vacuum sludge, loose algae, small leaves and small organic sediment. Small grains of sand may be lifted depending on the power of your vacuum.

Algae which adheres to the rocks will not be removed by the vacuum head.

Do not attempt to vacuum large leaves or sticks as these may become lodged in the intake hose and reduce suction power of your vacuum. Use a good pond cleaning net to remove large and heavy debris first before using the gravel vacuum.

-Large rock and stone shapes and sizes

Uneven rock shapes and piles will make it more difficult to position the gravel vacuum head for good suction. The vacuum head is 8.5” diameter and may not fit into every nook or crevice.

-Power of your vacuum

The gravel vacuum head adapter will fit most vacuum poles on the market. However, the actual suction power of your vacuum will determine the effectiveness of the vacuum head. The Matala Gravel Vacuum Head is ideally suited for the Matala “Power-Cyclone” Pond Vacuum.

Procedure for Gravel Cleaning

1) Surface Cleaning.

Place the gravel vacuum head in one spot on top of the area you want to clean. Try to level the rim of the head so that all edges are in contact with the area. The goal is to form a light seal with the gravel area you are cleaning. Leave the vacuum head in this spot for 5 to 10 seconds. You can also rotate the head around this same spot to try and dislodge loose particles from the surface. Do not move the vacuum head too quickly otherwise you will push loose debris up into the water. Slowly lift the head from the original spot and gently set it down in the next area you want to clean. Repeat the above action as you move from spot to spot.

2) Deep Gravel Cleaning

After positioning the vacuum head for surface cleaning, simply rock the head back and forth and side to side as you gently push the head down into the gravel up to 2 inches deep. This works well with 3/8” to 1/2” size gravel. Large size gravel will require more effort and you may not be able to get the head down into the gravel by more than 1/2” deep.

Leave the vacuum head in this position for 10 seconds or longer. Try to slowly rotate the head in a circular manner, back and forth and side to side in order to dislodge more of the dirt from this one spot. The opaque plastic allows you to see a change in the color as the dirt is lifted up into the head. The dirty color will gradually clear as the dirt is lifted from the gravel. You may be able to see the gravel moving through the opaque plastic. Do not expect to get the gravel completely clean. After 10 to 15 seconds in this one spot, lift the vacuum head straight up and allow the cleaned gravel to fall back into place. Move the head to the next area you want to clean and repeat the above procedures.

PondMaster Note: Please note the picture on the box shows openings around the edge. Matala tested the gravel vac head and felt it works much better without those holes so they are no longer on the unit.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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