Water Fill Valve 200

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Water Fill Valve 200

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Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 29272

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Part #: 29517


Includes fittings for 1/2" poly pipe and 1/2" PVC

#29272 1/2" Plastic Fill Valve Kit

The black float arm - length is 10 inches, the black float itself is 2" x 3", the length of the poly pipe is 12 inches.

The dimension of the arm is 5 ". The dimension of the arm including the float is 10 ".


Is there a Frost-free Auto-fill Valve that can be used in the cold Minnesota winters. Which auto-fill would be the best?


I have never heard of a frost free fill valve, though that doesn't mean one doesn't exist. However, we always recommend shutting off the water and draining the lines in the winter time. Freezing weather can cause a lot of damage to plumbing and pumps, especially if there is a power failure. If the power goes off and everything freezes up the fittings in the lines and the pump itself could be damaged. There is also the potential for ice dams building up which can divert water out of a feature quite quickly. This can cause the pump to run dry, which causes a whole other set of problems. So, unfortunately we are not able to help you with this one.

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