Pond Pumps

Efficient pond pumps provide water movement, which is essential to maintaining a healthy pond environment for fish and aquatic plants.

Pumps also prevent unhealthy problems with the pond, such as stagnation, the growth of algae, insects, pests, and smells.

Pumps come in all different types to suit all ponds. We offer pumps for all water features including fountains, waterfalls, small ponds and large lakes.

The expansive choice of external, submersible, low voltage, solids handling, aeration, low voltage or high volume pumps in our catalog prove that there is a pump for any site or function. 

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When you begin constructing your pond, you will need to choose a pond pump that is compatible to the size and volume of the pond, height of the waterfall, placement of the pond, and energy sources available. We try to provide all the necessary information on every pump so you can make an informed decision.

Choose the pump for your pond wisely, and you will be on your way to a healthy and beautiful pond.

Calculating the size pump needed depends upon the size of your pond and also whether you are using the pump for filtration, water features or recirculation of water. The number of fish and plants your pond contains will also influence your decision, as larger fish populations have greater air requirements.

A good rule of thumb is that pumps should be able to pump out about half the pond volume every hour. So a pump that moves 500 gallons per hour would be appropriate for a 1,000 gallon pond.

To determine the size pump you'll need, make a few measurements and calculations.

Water Garden Pump Calculations
Flow rate for filtration
  • Filtration flow rate in gallons per hour (gph) = 0.5 x pond volume (gallons)
Flow rate for fountains
  • For every inch of stream width at the top of the fountain, you need 100 gph at the height you're pumping
Flow rate for waterfalls
  • Light flow = 50 gph x waterfall width (in.)
  • Average flow = 100 gph x waterfall width (in.)
  • Strong flow = 200 gph x waterfalls width (in.)
Head height
  • Horizontal distance / 10' + vertical height above water level = head height
Pond volume
  • Pond volume (gallons) = 7.5 x average width (ft.) x average length (ft.) x average depth (ft.)
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