Premium Pond Netting - 1/8" Grid - 2" Polypropylene Binding - Brass Grommets

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Premium Pond Netting
- 1/8" Grid - 2" Polypropylene Binding - Brass Grommets

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Brand: KW Solutions


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Part #: KWNT01


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Black Knit 1/8" mesh Leaf/Pond Netting.

This is the BEST and MOST DURABLE

2" folded black polypropylene binding.  

3/8" brass grommets every 2-ft.  

Lightweight and extremely durable  

Tearing Strength - 31.5 lbs.

Bursting Strength - 169 psi 

Accessories sold separately (See Drop-down Box)


Nets Available:

 Part Number

Net Size 


10' x 10' 


10' x 15'

 KWNP1035 - 1/8 (Special Order)

10' x 35' 


15' x 15' 


15' x 20'

KWNP1525 - 1/8 (Special Order)

15' x 25'

KWNP1560 - 1/8 (Special Order)

15' x 60'

KWNP1565 - 1/8 (Special Order)

15' x 65'


20' x 20' 

KWNP2025 - 1/8 (Special Order)

20'x 25'


20' x 30'

KWNP2525 - 1/8 (Special Order)

25' x 25'

KWNP2530 - 1/8 (Special Order) 

25' x 30' 

Netting Accessories (Sold Separately):

 Part Number



 Hook & Loop Tie Down


 Ball and Bungee Tie Down


 10" Plastic Stake

(The grommets fit into the hook at the top of the ground stake. 
the stake does not go through the grommet.)


ondMeister Note:  

The netting is available in 10 or 12 or 20 ft widths - so anything larger than that gets seamed


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Can this be used in chlorinated water?

Manufacturer Answer:

The material can be used in a swimming pool application. The chlorine will deteriorate the material faster, but will last for years. The thread is the same as we use in our pool covers


What is the Warranty?

Manufacturer Answer:

if there's a "defect" in the sewing, they will take care of it with just a picture sent to them.
However, the lifetime of the netting is dependent on whether it is removed and stored and cleaned properly season after season - so there is no written warranty.


Can the Premium Pond Netting be cut?

Manufacturer Answer:

“The premium netting also can be trimmed on site. It has a lock stich to the fabric.”

PondMeister Note: In 11 years we have never had one issue with any of these - pretty indestructible! 


Black knit 1/8" mesh leaf/pond netting. All pond supplies and expert advice from

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