18" Adjustable Spout & Pump Kit by Bamboo Accents Out-of-Stock until December, 2020


18" Adjustable Spout & Pump Kit by Bamboo Accents
Out-of-Stock until December, 2020

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Brand: Bamboo Accents


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The attractive look and practical design of the adjustable spout makes it a sure-fire seller.   

With their adjustable base, the spouts can be raised or lowered to the perfect fit. 

This water feature provides more sound than other Bamboo Accents fountain kits, and can help mask traffic noise and other distractions. 

People love the presentation of the 18” Adjustable with its large diameter bamboo upright pole contrasting with the two delicate small diameter bamboo branches.

This fountain is normally used in a garden or other outdoor setting.   

Set the pump flow to the desired level of sound. Use with a 15" - 30" diameter bowl (Bowl not included)

 For 15 years, Bamboo Accents has specialized in the art of bamboo water fountains. Our quality and craftsmanship are unmatched. 

Each water spout is carefully hand-made in the tradition of ancient bamboo building, preserving techniques passed down throughout many generations.

Unlike most of today’s mass-produced commodities, each Bamboo Accents product is unique, functional and original.

The materials that we use are the key to our product’s success over the years. 

We use a species of bamboo with solid canes - not hollow like most bamboo, allowing for a significant increase in the split-resistance and durability. 

The bamboo spouts are popular for use in all climates - Hawaii, the Rocky Mountains, the Texas heat and the East Coast winter chill.


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