Stainless Steel 300 Watt De-Icer FREE SHIPPING! Three Year Warranty!

Pond De-Icer | 300 watt De-Icer

Stainless Steel 300 Watt De-Icer
FREE SHIPPING! Three Year Warranty!

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Brand: Aquascape

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Aquascape stainless steel Pond De-Icer is ideal for keeping a small hole opening the ice during cold winter months and insures proper gas exchange, helping keep fish alive during the winter.

So dependable that Aquascape has made this the FIRST De-icer with a THREE YEAR WARRANTY!

  • Keeps a small hole in the ice during winter months
  • Helps increase pond oxygen levels
  • Stainless steel construction prevents corrosion and cracking
  • Integrated thermostat saves electricity
  • Built-in LED light indicates when heater is in use by iluminating RED. When it is plugged in & not heating, the LED is BLUE. This allows you to visibly check from the warmth of your house to see if the unit is working.
  • 22' Cord
  • THREE Year Warranty!

Instructions for Use:

Step One:

We recommend floating the Aquascape 300-watt pond De-icer over the deepest part of the pond. if the ice is completely frozen, laying the heater on its side will enable it to melt through the ice slowly. you may have to adjust or reorient the heater in an upright position as it starts to melt through the ice. Be patient, heater may take several hours to completely melt through. Never break the ice with force; the shock will stress fish and could cause unnecessary fish loss. We recommend floating the heater in the pond for about one hour before plugging in the unit, allowing the unit to calibrate to the water temperature.

Step Two:

Plug the electrical cord into a gfi-regulated power receptacle. the indicator light will be red when the unit is

warm or heating and blue when it is cool or not heating.

CAUTION: When indicator light is red the unit will be very hot. Do not touch unit when indicator light is red. Make sure unit is unplugged and given time to cool, before touching.

Step Three:

In the springtime, or when heater is no longer needed, unplug the unit and let sit in the pond for at least one hour, to allow for proper cooling. Prior to storing the unit, when not in use, we recommend that

you clean the outside surface with a mild acid, like white vinegar, and then rinse thoroughly with clean tap water. this will remove calcium deposits and will not damage the stainless steel finish. Allowing calcium deposits to build up on the unit may impede the thermostat from working correctly.

More Information from the Aquascape Tech Guy - Dave Kelley:

"The red light on the top of the heater serves two purposes. It is a safety function that indicates the heater is on so you dont touch it and it also allows the pond owner to visibly see that the heater is plugged in and functioning. The internal thermostat shuts the heater down if it gets too hot. The thermostat on the heater is set to turn off at 70F or 21C air temperature. The thermostat is a safety feature and not meant to turn the heater off when ice is not present. If you pull the heater out of the water in about 30 60 secs (depending on how cold it is outside) the heater will shut itself off and the red light will turn to blue. Please keep in mind that the 300 watt de-icer uses considerably less electricity than many other heaters on the market (others are typically 1,000 watts or more)."

Customer Question:

The specs say it turns off at 70. Can you tell me at what temp it turns on? Does it respond to anything below 70?

Aquascape Tech Answer:

We do not know the exact temp it kicks back on again, but it will leave a 1/4"-1/2" opening around the unit. Keep in mind it just leaves an opening for gas exchange. It will not leave a large opening in the ice.

300-Watt Pond De-icer
Unit Weight: 3 lbs.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet

Cool winter video about ice freezing over:


Aquascape stainless steel Pond De-Icer is ideal for keeping a small hole opening the ice during cold winter months, and insures proper gas exchangm helping keep fish alive during the winter.

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