Algae Defense Algaecide - 1 Gal Treats 8,000 SF Pond

Algae Defense Algaecide - 1 Gal | Algae Removal Tools

Algae Defense Algaecide - 1 Gal
Treats 8,000 SF Pond

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Brand: Airmax/Pond Logic


Warning! State Restrictions:Algae Defense® can not be shipped to Alaska, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island or Washington.

Formulated for fast acting results, Pond Logic® Algae Defense® can be applied directly to troublesome algae and chara to treat both floating and bottom forming algae. Algae Defense® carries no water use restrictions making it great for fresh water lakes, potable water reservoirs, and game fish ponds and water treated with Algae Defense® may be used immediately for recreational activities, drinking and irrigation.

For a 8000 sq. ft. Pond Mix 1 gal with 10 gallons of Pond water

Algae Defense is a broad spectrum algaecide that works as a quick fix to eliminate algae problems. When water temperatures are at least 60F, Algae Defense can work at optimum level. Unless steps are taken to reduce the overall nutrients in the pond, multiple applications may be needed for a full season of control. For best results, use with Treatment Booster Plus.

How to Use: Mix 32 oz. of Algae Defense, 4 oz of Treatment Booster Plus, and 2 gallons of water in a tank sprayer to treat up to 2000 sq. ft. Spray algae directly. Only treat up to half of the pond's surface, waiting 10-14 days before treating the second half. In hot weather, or when fish are stressed, treat 1/4 to 1/3 of the pond at a time. For deeper water, place the tank sprayer's tip beneath the water's surface. Always read product label before use.

Water Use Restrictions: None

Other Restrictions: Do NOT use in ponds with koi, goldfish, or trout unless carbonate hardness (KH) is above 50 ppm.


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