Algae Removal Kit by Nycon

Algae Removal Kit by Nycon | Algae Removal Tools

Algae Removal Kit by Nycon

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Starts at: $63.37

Brand: Nycon Products


Complete kit that is attractively packaged.
Interchangeable heads on furnished telescopic handle.
Includes Algae Twister head, Algae Brush head,Algae Skimmer rake and handle hanger.


Image 1.0 stars out of 5
My parents spent $69.56 on this kit to help clean their pond in their yard. It had algae clung to the liner and this kit was worthless. The algae head - have no clue what the purpose was. You could but a towel on a broom and swirl it around and have the same effect. The algae brush was nothing more than a large bottle brush. The skimmer is a small pool net. This kit was just money taken from my parent's (already limited) income. My mom said she called and they gave her $15 back for algae head. No Refunds I guess. So I would not buy this EVER.
Reviewed Mon, May 06 2013 9:29 am by

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