Aquascape Skimmer Weir Flaps and Parts

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Starts at: $18.89

Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 29257

6.0 (6" ) Signature Series Pond Skimmer Weir - 29530

6" Classic Series Pond Skimmer Weir - (Fits MicroSkim, MiniSkim, UltraSkim and Classic 6" Skimmers) - 29257

8.0" Weir Flap- Fits 8" Classic, UltraSkim  and Signature 8.0 Skimmer- 29258 

Large (8") Classic Series Skimmer Face Plate - 29255

BioFalls and Skimmers Aluminum Screw Set (15) - 29249

Classic Series Skimmer Screw Set 1/4-20 X 3/4" 16 per Bag - 29216 - DISCONTINUED - Check for Availability - Call us at 805-241-0141

Signature Series Skimmer Screw Set 10-32 X 1/2" 7 per Bag - 29217

Signature Series Skimmer 6.0 Weir Plate - 29529

Signature Series Skimmer 6.0 & 8.0 Slide Plate - 29214

Signature Series Screw Stud 10-32 X 1/2" Black Poly Knob - 29588

Signature Series Skimmer Thumb Screw Set - 29008

Click on PDF file (Features) for Parts Diagram

These are the parts that you will need for conversion from 6 Skimmer to 8 Classic Skimmer

8" classic skimmer faceplate #29255
8" weir door #29258
Classic large debris net #29075
Small silicone #22010

Classic skimmer screw set 16ct #29216.

Customer Question:

My Classic Series Skimmer is leaking around the Face Plate. What screws and Inserts do I need to use to replace the old screws?

Aquascape Tech Answer:

Please use the Classic Standard & Large Skimmers: #30078 (Two Packs) screw set and 16 of the #29932 grommets

Customer Question:

I got the bag of screws and nuts I bought from you to attach the face plate. Question: should I just push the nut into the front or behind the plate, or screw it in???

Aquascape Tech Answer:

You will thread the screws through the front of the face plate into the grommets on the face of the skimmer box

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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