Aquatic Planters by Aquascape

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Starts at: $3.98

Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 98501

Aquascape Aquatic Planters are ideal for all pond plants.

The fine porous material allows water in, but keeps soil from entering your pond. The flexible material makes it simple to place the plants where plastic pots will not fit. Aquatic Planters quickly blend in with the rest of the pond. Aquascape planters will not break or crack like plastic planters.

4 Size Available 

#98501 - Aquatic Plant Pot 6" x 6" (2 Pk.)

#98502 - Aquatic Plant Pot 8" Wide x 6" Tall (2 Pk.)

#98500 - Aquatic Plant Pot 12" Wide x 8" Tall (2 Pk.)

#98929 - Aquatic Lily Pot 14" x 7" (2 Pk.)


  • Can be molded to fight in tight spaces
  • Will not break or crack
  • Keeps soil from escaping


Aquatic planters made of fine porous material that allows water in but keeps soil from entering your pond.

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