Axiom Pond Skimmers
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Brand: EasyPro

SKU: PSA5000

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  • Front to Back design- With the pump sitting behind the debris net instead of alongside it
  • Two Chamber design eliminates cutting filter pads to fit around the pump and plumbing
  • Dual Factory installed 2" spinweld bulkhead fittings for plumbing and overflow connections
  • Skimmers have a flange above the opening where water enters from the pond into the skimmer, allowing you to not only stack rocks along side but also above the skimmer opening 
  • Stainless Steel Hardware for securing liner
  • Adjustable overflow allows finished pond level to be adjusted
  • One Piece Aluminum framed debris net makes cleaning quick and easy
  • PSA5000/7000/9000 compatible with SETS2 extension tube (optional)
  • BSN28 tube of black silicone in parts bag

Skimmers Available:

PSA5000 - 5000 GPH Axiom Skimmer - 29" x 19" x 21" 

PSA7000 - 7000 GPH Axiom Skimmer - 29" x 19" x 21" 

PSA9000 - 9000 GPH Axiom Skimmer - 33" x 19" x 23"

PSA11000 - 11000 GPH Axiom Skimmer - 33" x 19" x 23"


 Part #


 Size (L x W x H)

 Water Inlet

Ship Weight 


5000 GPH Axiom Skimmer

 29"x 19"x 21"


 35 lbs


7000 GPH Axiom Skimmer

 29" x 19" x 21"


 35 lbs


 9000 GPH Axiom Skimmer

 33" x 19" x 23"


44 lbs 


 11000 GPH Axiom Skimmer

 33" x 19 x 23"


 44 lbs

6 Hidden Features of the Axiom Skimmer from EasyPro

 1. Fast and secure liner attachment. With most skimmers multiple steps are required to ensure the liner hole is cut and lined up properly to finish pond liner attachment. With the Axiom skimmer the faceplate is secured to the unit first and then the liner hole is cut out. No additional realignment of liner and faceplate is necessary.

2. Integrated UV option. The 5000 gallon Axiom skimmer model can be fitted with an integrated UV option. This UV option installs inside the skimmer to provide a convenient way of implementing copper-free algae control.

3. Extended inlet flange. Concealing the inlet at the pond edge is made easier with the extended flange. Rocks can be stacked along and on top of the flange to create a more natural looking connection at the pond edge. BONUS: Axiom skimmers are compatible with EasyPro’s patented 24" extension tubes. This allows the skimmer to be set back as far as desired from the pond edge for creating natural looking ponds.

4. Adjustable overflow. Axiom skimmers come with pre-installed “spinweld” fittings that create a sealed tub. This allows the overflow to be adjustable with an elbow fitting. Ponds with extensive stream systems can use this feature for accommodating the “water in transition” these systems must account for.

5. All-in-One option. The All-in-One Axiom skimmer and filter combo is an excellent way to provide filtration without the need for a typical waterfall filter box. With a biological media chamber filled with EasyPro ultimate tube media, this Axiom unit can provide biological filtration for ponds up to 4000 gallons.

6. Compatible with submersible or external pumps. Submersible or external style pumps can be used with the Axiom skimmers. With larger pump chambers a single or dual submersible pump set up can be used. External pumps can be used in a suction lift or a flooded suction configuration.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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One Piece Aluminum framed debris net makes cleaning quick and easy. Pond supplies from The Pond Outlet.

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