Bacti-Twist Biological/Mechanical Filter Media

Bacti-Twist Biological/Mechanical Filter Media | Bio-Balls/Lava Rocks

Bacti-Twist Biological/Mechanical Filter Media

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Starts at: $17.99

Brand: Blue Thumb


This bio-ribbon media is black, spiral-shaped, plastic media that is designed to filter your pond both biologically and mechanically. 

The large surface area of Bacti-Twist provides a place for pond debris and other waste to accumulate and convert into beneficial bacteria. 

This media is easy to clean and can last for years.

PBBT12 - 1/2 cu ft Media Bag
PBBT1 - 1 cu ft Media Bag
PBBT2 - 2 cu ft Media Bag
PBBT5 - 5 cu ft Media Bag


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