Beneficial Bacteria Concentrate- Dry

Beneficial Bacteria Concentrate- Dry | Bacteria/Enzymes

Beneficial Bacteria Concentrate- Dry

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Brand: Iku Koi Kichi

SKU: KK71001

Dry Beneficial Bacteria is scientifically blended and tested to ensure maximum results in water gardens, kol ponds and lakes. Beneficial Bacteria contains pro-biotic microbes, enzymes, and electrolytes that work in symphony to reduce sludge, uneaten fish food, fish waste, and other excess nutrients that cause poor water quality and clarity.

Directions: Add 1 scoop per 1,000 gallons/ 3,800 L of pond water. Apply product in the area of the pond with the best circulation. In new ponds, or spring time start up, apply daily for 2 weeks. Continue treating once a week as part of ongoing maintenance.

Note: In ponds that are not adequately filtered, over stocked with fish, or if extremely poor water quality exsists; treatment quantity can be safely tripled to 3 scoops per 1,000 gallons/ 3,800 L or until you have reached desired water quality.


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