Bio-Active Stone Media by Matala Special Order - Prices May Change

Bio-Active Stone Media by Matala | Bio-Balls/Lava Rocks

Bio-Active Stone Media by Matala
Special Order - Prices May Change

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Starts at: $699.00

Brand: Matala


Matala Water Technology is proud to announce a new high quality filter media, "Bio-Active" Stone Media. This media is a highly porous stone ceramic media with incredible surface area. Bio-Active contains literally acres of surface area per cubic foot! 

The internal structure provides excellent attachment sites for aerobic bacteria to complete your biological filtration stage and will also help reduce nitrates. Bacteria will colonize very quickly due to the friendly internal structure.

The star shape of the media increases the available surface and helps to distribute water flow more evenly thus maintaining a highly aerobic condition.

The stone is ideal for use in trickle aerating towers similar to the BAKI shower or as a submerged bed. The mineral composition will refresh and polish your water. Use it as a final stage after Matala filter pads to stabilize your ponds chemistry and replenish minerals. 

Material: SiO2, AI2O3, Fe2O3, Cao, Mgo, K20, Na2O


Directions For Use:

1. For Stabilizing pH: Use 40-60 lbs. for 1000 gallons of water (base on certain different pond condition). Replace the Bio-Active Stone every 12 months.

2. For Mineral Enrichment and Polishing Use: Use 20-40 lbs for 1000 gallons of water. Refill every 2-3 years as the mineral contents are slowly releasing in the water. 



MWT205 - 5.5" Stones, 27 Pieces/Box

MWT206 - 3.9" Stones, 48 Pieces/Box

WMT207 - 2.1" Stones, 448 Pieces/Box

MWT208 - 1.4" Stones, 4.4lb/Bag

MWT209 - .8" Stones 4.4lb/Bag


Great for stabilizing pH levels and mineral content
Polishes and refreshes water quality
High surface porous media


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