BIO-MATE Refillable Media Balls

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Starts at: $11.04

Brand: Lifegard Aquatics


Cultivates nitrifying bacteria. Promotes gas exchange, increases dissolved oxygen level, and removes harmful gases.

Will not clog with organic matter.

Manufacturer of the highest grade of thermoplastic material.

Totally inert and non-leaching. Each ball is approximately 1-1/2" diameter; containers are 1-gal size.

RAI300 - Solids (225-pc) - aerate; biological
RAI304 - Carbon (75-pc) - purify; aerate; biological
RAI308 - Foam (75-pc) - clean; aerate; biological
RAI312 - Ceramic (75-pc) - aerate; biological


Filter media provides maximum surface area with the greatest possible mix of air and water.

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