Bottom Drains by EasyPro Pond Products
3" & 4" w/ & w/o Air Diffuser

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Starts at: $115.99

Brand: EasyPro


Don't be fooled by cheap "shower drain" imitations which plug up quickly!

Adding a bottom drain is a great way to remove solids and prevent stratification, especially in ponds over 3' deep. EasyPro bottom drains are easy to install and come complete with everything needed to make a water tight penetration through the liner. The built in air diffuser model provides the ultimate in self cleaning action. When the air bubbles rise the dirty water is pulled into the bottom drain.

A bottom drain and an air diffuser built into one unit!

EasyPro offers several bottom drain options. The standard drain is available with or without an air diffuser. Each style has two rubber gaskets and six stainless steel screws for water tight penetration through the liner.

For use with 3" PVC pipe and fittings. Bottom drain with air diffuser has " barbed air inlet, recommended air flow of .5 to 1.5 CFM.

The EasyPro heavy duty bottom drain is designed for use with 4" PVC pipe for high flow applications.

This EasyPro bottom drain is roto molded for superior strength and durability!

Unlike other bottom drains which have multiple legs around the outside (which debris can catch on) this drain has a center leg which prevents plugging.

The large dome top will keep fish and large debris from entering pipe.

Price includes drain and fittings to connect 4" pipe.

A 4" x 3" adapter can be used for 3" pipe.

Available in the following:

BD82" Bottom Drain
BD13" Bottom Drain
BDA3" Bottom Drain w/Air Diffuser
BDK2NBottom Drain Kit w/ BD1 Drain
BDK2ABottom Drain Kit w/ BDA Drain including air diffuser
EBD44" Heavy Duty Bottom Drain
EBD4A4" Heavy Duty Bottom Drain w/ Air Diffuser
BDK3NBottom Drain Kit w/ EBD4 Drain
BDK3ABottom Drain Kit w/EBD4A Drain including Air Diffuser
RMA40304" Threaded x 3" Slip PVC Adapter

 Items included in BDK3A/BDK3N kits: 

Bottom drain unit 

4" fpt x 3" slip PVC reducer 

3" PVC male adapter 

3" Bulkhead fitting 

3" PVC half nipple 

3" gate valve

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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