Bulkhead Fitting, Threaded

Bulkhead Fitting, Threaded | Bulkhead Fittings

Bulkhead Fitting, Threaded

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SKU: FT080

These come with a INSIDE Female Thread of the size indicated below on both sides. The OUTSIDE threads shown in the picture are bigger than standard threads. For example, on the 2" Bulkhead fitting, the INSIDE of each side is a 2" Female Thread. The outside is about 2 1/8" which is not a standard thread size. Usually best to use the female thread on the end of each side to connect to. 

The smallest bulkhead - 1/2" - FT080 - requires 1-1/8" hole

The FT081  - 3/4" -  is 1.5" outside diameter

The FT083 and FT084 can handle Wall Thicknesses up to 2"

FT083 width of opening needs to be at least 2 3/8" and FT084 needs at least 3" width opening

Available in the following sizes:

1/2"  - FT080

3/4"  - FT081

1"  - FT082

1-1/2"  - FT083

2" -  - FT084


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