Ceramic Koi by Mark MacKay

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Ceramic artist Mark MacKay captures the subtle beauty of Koi swimming lazily in a Hawaiian pond. He hand crafts these graceful, ceramic Koi at his Maui studio. 

Mark conveys the natural balance and serenity of these fish with his use of color and motion.

These high-fired ceramic Koi can be placed outdoors in your pond or displayed in the home or office.

Like in nature, no two are alike. Each is a masterpiece in itself. Just like the real thing, these ceramic koi always do better in pairs.

Koi Measures:13" L x 4" W x 2" H.

Colors will vary.

Orange/White - MM4

White/Red Tancho - MM25

Red/Orange - MM29

Tancho/Red Dot/White - MM36

Tancho Red Dot/White - MM54

Red/Black - MM58

Red/White/Black - MM60

Red/Orange - MM66

Red/Black - MM67

Red/Black - MM71

Orange/Black/White - MM72

Red/Orange - MM74

Orange/Black - MM81

White/Red - MM82

Red/Orange - MM83

Orange/Yellow - MM85

Red - MM88

PondMeister Note: Special thanks to Portrait Photography by Lorna Ross

Customer Question:

Please, can you send instructions on how best to install on wall?

Mark's Answer:

How to use the two holes in the back. Put 2 nail in the wall in any clock position at an upward angle and at the right space apart from each other


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