Classic Debris Net for Grande Skimmer

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Classic Debris Net for Grande Skimmer

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Starts at: $49.49

Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 29071

The Grande Skimmer Net (29071) is 21" across the top next to the skimmer x 16 1/2" on the bottom next to the skimmer x approximately 15" front to back.

  • Replacement Debris Net for Aquascape Grand Skimmer # 09017 and 9017
  • Effectively removes larger debris from pond and water feature
  • Lightweight and compact design makes cleaning easy
  • Tear-resistant netting constructed of durable material
  • 21" x 11" x 10" - 16.5" Opening

PondMeister Note: As of 2019, the new batch of nets produced by Aquascape are about 1/2" to 1" shorter vertically and may not fit as well in your Grande Skimmer.

Please read Aquascape's response below on June 7, 2019 to our question about the Nets being shorter vertically:

"Due to product demand over the past several years, we haven't had to produce replacement parts of this skimmer for years. We think that when the last batch of nets was made, there was a miniscule difference in height. We just started to see this pop up at the end of last year, and we've actually modified the Grande skimmer support racks to compensate for the difference in height. This allows the current replacement nets to fit snug and work well with the skimmer. This can be easily modified on site by cut the slots deeper where the net connects to the rack. Or, if he'd like, you can send him a new support rack that will fit the net better. Otherwise, the customer can modify it if they are handy enough." 


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