Color Changing Fountain Light Kits 17 Watt Stainless Steel LED

Color Changing Fountain Light Kits | Color Pond Lights

Color Changing Fountain Light Kits
17 Watt Stainless Steel LED

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Brand: EasyPro


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Part #: RGBC4M


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Designed for use on floating fountains, they are also ideal for creating optimal nighttime displays on a wide variety of water features. 

Custom build these lighting systems by selecting the number of lights needed and corresponding controller. Then use a 15' or 30' power cable and splitters to complete the layout.

Stainless steel 17 watt lights have both true warm white diodes and color changing diodes.

  • Quick connect plugs on controller, cables and lights for easy assembly
  •  Stainless steel mounting brackets and hardware
  • Weather resistant digital timer/controller with remote control. The remote control, that works up to 1000', makes selecting a color and adjusting the brightness easy.
  • Multiple controllers can be synced with one remote control.
  • Red, green, blue, warm white, lavender, cyan and yellow-green solid colors plus several pre-programmed sequences with additional colors


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