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Cord Connector from Farm Innovators

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Brand: Farm Innovators


Farm Innovators Watertight Cord Connector, Outdoor Green

Keep your outdoor electrical connections safe from water using the Farm Innovators Watertight Cord Connector.

The Cord Connect will provide a secure, water-tight connection for extension cords outdoors.

This handy tool encases the male and female plugs of your light, pump, or deicer and extension cord in plastic for a safe and secure connection.

The connector opens using a sturdy plastic hinge, allowing you to position your plugs.

Add the watertight gasket to the male plug inside the unit, and screw both sides of the connector together for a secure junction.

The plastic casing keeps water out of the items, and the dark green color blends with your landscaping.

A small opening on each end accommodates the power cords.

Protect your outdoor electrical connections from water using this Watertight Cord Connector.

Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 2" dia. x 4.5"L
Construction: plastic
Brand: Farm Innovators
Item Number: FI-CC-2

The Cord Connect provides a water-tight connection between two power cords and locks them together to keep them from coming apart. Use with De-Icers, Lawn & Garden Equipment, Power Tools, Outdoor Lighting, Pond Equipment, Christmas Lights, and much more.

2.00 inches tall x 2.00 inches long x 5.00 inches wide

Farm Innovators CC-2 Cord Connect provides watertight connection and eliminates disconnects.
*Provides watertight connection
*Keeps cords from pulling apart

*Outdoor Green

*Blends into Landscape

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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