Dechlorinator Carbon In Line Filter

Dechlorinator Carbon In Line Filter | De-Chlorination

Dechlorinator Carbon In Line Filter

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Starts at: $195.49

Brand: Evolution Aqua


High grade activated carbon removes chlorine and other impurities from tap water, creating a safe and healthy environment for your fish. 

  • With high capacity, pre-washed carbon
  • Removes toxins in tap water
  • For use on ponds and indoor aquariums
  • No need to wait for chlorine to "gas-off" or to use liquid treatments
  • Easily connects to a hose pipe - fittings included
  • Also can be fitted to rigid pipe
  • Available in 12 inch or 30 inch sizes

Customer Question:

I have it installed now, and aside from some initial charcoal in the first few litres, it seems to have stopped. Iím assuming it just needs to be flushed before initial use.

Manufacturer Answer:

Yes. That can happen. The max flow rate through it is only 60 gph. There can be some granules come out of the unit in the package on occasion.


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